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I first met my client Katie when she invited me to her house for an Interior Design Consultation. After showing her beautiful house and few rooms, that she wanted to redesign, prepared with very specific questions in hand including samples of the wall paint and wallpapers, we started working on the ideas for Katie’s rooms.

The main subject of our meeting however was the Living Room Redesign Project. This room was feeling dark and heavy. There was a green carpet, green and yellowish wall paint, limestone fireplace that looked even more yellowish in combination with the current wall paint background. It was confusingly large space with few overwhelming pieces of red mahogany furniture, leather armchair and beautiful green curtians, that my client decided to keep from the previous owners. 

Sometimes, in the interior design process, in order to create a beautiful living room to start from scratch or blank canvas is much easier than half way through with red mahogany bookcase, coffee table and sideboard. 

The design brief was to create a classy and traditional living room, that will be representing a desire of having a family oriented and welcoming space with the elements of sophistication and elegancy expressing my client’s way of living.

After an initial Interior Design Consultation the next step was to provide a Design Concept with Moodboards and Floor Plan options and 3D Designs. My client wanted to see how the room will look after the renovation, and how the new and fresh space planning will transform this family’s feeling in their own home. 

When planning the renovation project having an Interior Designer on your side is helping simply to save money, by avoiding many costly mistakes such as buying wrong wall paint colour or wallpaper, unsuitable size or shape sofas and armchairs, skipping the lighting design, that makes a crucial part in well designed living room.

You don’t have to sign up for a full Interior Design and Project Management service. Sometimes an Interior Design Consultation is just enough, and sometimes hiring an Interior Designer for a Day service can provide many benefits, just to set you up on the right path of the renovation process or answer any dilemmas you might have about the design finishes, that you’re not sure about. 

My client Katie chose the Design Concept Service on top of Interior Design Consultation.

She wanted to manage this project on her own with the design ideas and instructions she was given by us, requiring some assistance in the procurement stage of the project. 

The wall colour and shelves inside the bookcase was painted with Benjamin Moore Wind’s Breath. 

We selected the lights that look light and elegant with addition of gold finish. We specified two layout options for Katie. Specified the colour / tone of the floor, carpet or rug and other furniture and finishes.

Katie upholstered the armchairs in fabric Kai Rialta Hydro.

Katie is now one of our clients who testified about her experience with Alwa Interior Design Studio.

We are going to visit Katie for a professional photoshoot of freshly completed Living Room Redesign Project and to make it even better experience we are going to style Katie’s Living Room completely free of charge.

Thank you Katie for being such an excellent client. 

Alicja Wawrzyniak

Alwa Design Studio

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