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Welcome to Alwa Design Studio

I am so glad you found my website! I am Alicja Wawrzyniak, an Interior Designer. My mission is to help you in creating the space that you will fall in love with, where the functionality meets your style and personality. This will be your home where you feel like you are living your most beautiful dream. 
My signature is designed with emotions. That means, that in order to design well for my clients I use their positive vibrations and emotions to get inspired and to bring them design ideas that they really love. The way we like to live in our homes is never the same and to be fully happy in our space we need to feel aligned with our surroundings. Aesthetically designed space with no emotions won’t give you that. Beautiful homes filled with love and style – this is what you can expect from Alwa Design Studio.
I work on projects based in the UK and Europe. I am offering a variety of services and I handle small or big renovations from the design to the completion stage. Attention to detail, devotion to my clients and the installation process are the foundation of my business philosophy. 
“I design with stories, not with furniture”®
Alicja Wawrzyniak 
PG Dip. Interior Design

Latest Projects

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Kitchen Interior Design

1980s House with Modern Extension

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Dining Room Design

Forest Greens and Cloudy Greys

Living Room Design

Neutral Sophistication & Winds Breath

bedroom design
Bedroom Design

Calming Blues & Orange Accents

What Makes Us Different?

Environmentally friendly

When designing we are choosing eco products whenever possible or required i.e. wall coverings, furniture, and paint products, minimising usage of carbon monoxide and plastic.

High Quality Service

There is no half way or shortcut to create the best design therefore we put everything we have to design the dream home for our clients.

certified & experienced

Alicja gained her interior design qualifications in British Academy of Interior Design in London and she has in total nine years of professional experience in interior design field of work.

Proved customer satisfaction

Alwa Design Studio is proud to introduce now a number fifty of five star reviews on Houzz from very happy clients.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer?

Hiring a professional interior designer is worth the money because they have the best expertise and knowledge to transform your space into a beautiful and functional home. They have an eye for design and can help you in choosing the right colours, furniture, and decor to bring your vision to life.

A good interior designer will listen to your needs and make sure to bring creative hence functional ideas for your home. They can also work within your budget and ensure that you get the best value for your money.

In addition, they can save you time and stress by handling all the details and logistics of the project. Overall, hiring a professional interior designer can help you to create a space that you will love and enjoy for years to come.

Interior designer and project management

A successful interior design project requires strong project management skills to ensure the completion of the project is within budget, in the confirmed design frame and on time. The project manager plans and coordinates all aspects of the design and décor of the interior space, including managing contractors, ordering materials, and keeping the project on track. He or she also oversees the installation of the design elements and works closely with the designer to make sure the project is completed according to the plan. In addition, they typically assist in developing design budgets, selecting vendors, and providing customer service support throughout the design process. Project managers may also provide project management assistance on other related projects, such as remodelling or refurbishing a space. The best deal you can get is when you hire an interior designer who is also a project manager for your project. That saves you time, money, and potential issues that can be caused by a lack of communication as everything is in the hands of the one leading person/company. Fewer third parties are involved better for your project. The same counts in terms of hiring the contractor. Interior designers will be happier to work on the project when managing it and with the contractor she or he trusts in terms of the quality of the work and delivery time.


What Our Clients Say

Alicja, did an Interior Design Consultation session for me. Right from our first call, she was highly professional, listened carefully and took note of what I said. Before she came around to the house, I was impressed by how much work she had done to make moving forward with the project easy for me. I really liked her ideas and she had some great options to choose from. Alicja is a pleasure to work with and if you get a chance to do so, grab it!
When we decided to buy our first home, the main consideration was whether to work with an interior design or not. It was crucial to find someone who understood the vision and concept of our plans and bring those to life with the budget we provided. We immediately liked Alicia because she carefully listed options tailored to specific requirements. Not only was she a local resource, Alicia has excellent taste & resources; she also turned out to be a real people person in our first conversation. Big design projects aren’t easy – it requires a lot of patience to navigate potential pitfalls. An experienced interior designer will produce functional and creative solutions where needed. That is precisely what Alicia did. She responded to our design dreams every step of the way. Once we shared our brief, she turned it into a workable framework without imposing her own tastes. She always knew how to deal with unforeseen challenges. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the service and expertise. My garden is up next, I’ll be going back to Alicia (‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’, as they say!).
Amazing! We moved into a new build and decided to knock down a wall to make a large open plan floor including kitchen, dining and living room. We needed help with the design of the entire floor and were so lucky to find Alicja. From her first visit she was very friendly and professional, took time to discuss requirements and accommodate tweaks using an effective step-by-step process that ultimately delivered a beautiful and creative design reflecting our personalities and completely transforming the space with style and convenience, definitely exceeding our expectations. We would never be able to achieve anything remotely as good on our own, so thanks Alicja! We'll soon be focusing on the upstairs floor and can't wait to be blown away by her work once again 🙂

Ready to Transform Your Space?

Alwa Design Studio specialises in creating beautiful yet unique interiors throughout UK.
Founded by Alicja Wawrzyniak, Alwa Design Studio is an Award Winning Design Firm, that stands for comfort, creativity and expressing client’s feelings in their interiors.
We help our clients to achieve their Dream Homes by variety of different services.

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