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Stylish Gold & Beige Bathroom - From Design To Completion

Outdated and very small bathroom needed a new design to make it feel bigger, lighter and stylish. Using a few interior design tricks and smart solutions this bathroom now feels much bigger, it is updated to a modern high end standard and feels like a 5* Bathroom in a High End Hotel Room.

Tricks used in this project:

1. Changing the position of the toilet allowed for making a comfortable space for a washbasin and a mirror cabinet above it, finished off with a beautiful pendant lights.

2. Removing an angle in the wall on the left-hand side allowed for installing a bigger and more comfortable bath tube, to be used as a shower too.

3. Installing a bi-fold internal door (opening to opposite side than before) also created more space.

4. Using shiny mosaic tiles as a feature wall, with a look of the 3D tiles, added a depth to the feature wall making an impression the wall being further away.

5. Using bigger tiles for the rest of the walls (60x60 cm) balances the mosaic tiles and makes more elegant and stylish look, again making this space looking bigger than it is in reality.

6. Using the wood effect herringbone pattern floor tiles adds a warmth, elegance and more depth to the little space on the floor.

Stylish Bathroom